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  1. supermariofanatic

    The second box says he file is tok short

  2. supermariofanatic

    Why you have to make the cannon levels like New Super Mario Bros. 2 3ds?

  3. Also, is it possible to get star coin 1 on 5-4 without using a mega mushroom?

  4. I have sent you a PM on youtube, that is related to NSMB hacking. Can you read it?

  5. could you give us a software that will allow us to create our own level of new super mario bros?
    With the download link and more

  6. supermariofanatic

    How do you get the first and third star coins in 1-castle? I only found the second one.

    • Between the 3rd and 4th firebar is a door-shaped coins! There will be a door once you hit the switch in the end (red switch)
      Also the Red switch! After hitting it go back! There is a roof path opened now! (near end – where the 3 pillars are, right after the last firebar)

  7. Looks good! Please tell us more on when 4.0 will be released, can’t wait!

  8. plz How do I get up to the secret exit in 2-A? In the beta ❓

  9. Hey, i’m trying to get the patch to work, but it keeps showing up with an error message within the game saying that save data couldn’t be erased? Any help? 😕

  10. Sakupenhell12

    Hello Skjmin

    Youre the best i played this game since 2012 and i still love it but i have a question how do you do do this or what programms do you use because i would like to do it myself!!
    Please answer and youre the best

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