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  1. Also, I cannot beat the spike challenge in 5-C. In one section, when I try to wall-jump, I run into the spikes. I may have to take a picture of it.

  2. I cannot get the Star Coin in 8-4 which requires you to break a block after passing the spinies. Is that the first or the second in 8-4? I cannot find either!

  3. I cannot find Star Coin 2 in World 8-Castle.

  4. SlyCoopaTroopa

    The download link appears to be broken

  5. Did you delete my comment?

  6. Hi SKJmin’s I have a question can I be a beta teater of a game of you , Im very serious and pacient , so I think that i can help you.

  7. **Spoiler alert**

    The blind maze in one of the bowser’s castles is just evil 😡

  8. I 2-3 the last starcoin is impossible to get! The coin doesn’t register because it is only registered after the coin collecting animation ends. BTW Can I become a beta tester too? 🙂

  9. Love playing New Super Mario Bros. Origins on my PC and NDS, You did super great job!!! I would really love to be able to play it on the go on my Note 3 using the Drastic emulator, but I get an error “Could not erase data Turn the power off and reinsert the Game Card”. Is there anything that can be done to get it to work? Also happens with New Super Mario Bros. 3

  10. supermariofanatic

    I need help applying the patch the third box says where to save. Can you help me with this and also an you play this game withouts a r4i card and just on the sd card to put in 3ds?

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