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  1. The download link of new super mario bros origin doesn’t work to me. both of the links

  2. Hi, is the game supposed to not save?

    • It saves automatically after A fortress or when you unlock a path 🙂
      (WHen you beat the game once, then you get the option to sayve everywhere on the map)

  3. Where is the secret exit of 2-3? I cannot find it!

    • It’s in the mini pipe area! (where the water is rising, jo go left after hitting the witch to raise the water!
      The mini pipe are can be find unfder the midline! (yellow pipe)

  4. Also, where is star coin 3 of 2-6? I cannot find it either! The coin where you swim down the tree is star coin 2!

  5. How do I get up to the secret exit in 2-A? In the beta, you could use a koopa to get up there.

  6. Posting here.
    I was playing on a real NDS via R4i flashcard and it glitched, also tested on Desmume and glitched too.
    Of course here’s the proof :

  7. I cannot, however, find Star Coin 2 in World 3-1.

  8. And now:
    Alternatively delete the “%EF%BB%BF” at the end of the URL and it should work.

  9. I cannot find star coin 2 of 5-B! Does it have to do with the switch?

  10. I cannot find star coin 1 in world 5- Ghost House!

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