Download [Ver. 3.0a]

IMPORTANT: You should wait for Version 4.0 – because it’s a COMPLETE NEW update!
Version 3.0 isn’t even 10% as good as 4.0!! Hold on, it will be released in 2017 definitely!!
But when you can’t wait, then get 3.0 which is definitely crappy COMPARED to 4.0!!


This is “New” Super Mario Bros. 3 and NOT “New Super Mario Bros. 3”
The word “New” was written before “Super Mario Bros .3”, because it’s a remake of “Super Mario Bros. 3”
It has nothing to do with the official “New Super Mario Bros” – series from Nintendo!!


Version 3.0a – Revision 10
[December 31st, 2013]



This patch is 100% free! Definitely no scam or pay-crap!
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PS: This download contains the PATCH only!
Please be fair and support Nintendo in any way!! Thank you!!