Download [Ver. 3.0a]

IMPORTANT: You should wait for Version 4.0 – because it’s a COMPLETE NEW update!
Version 3.0 isn’t even 10% as good as 4.0!! Hold on, it will be released very soon!!
But when you can’t wait, then get 3.0. But as I said – it is definitely crappy COMPARED to 4.0!!


This is “New” Super Mario Bros. 3 and NOT “New Super Mario Bros. 3”
The word “New” was written before “Super Mario Bros .3”, because it’s a remake of “Super Mario Bros. 3”
It has nothing to do with the official “New Super Mario Bros” – series from Nintendo!!


Version 3.0a – Revision 10
[December 31st, 2013]

Removed until v4.0 🙂


This patch is 100% free! Definitely no scam or pay-crap!

PS: This download contains the PATCH only!
Please be fair and support Nintendo in any way!! Thank you!!