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  1. Is Trailer 28 is the last beta ❓

  2. Can you do 3-Ghosthouse for Trailer 29 please you promise?

  3. SKJmin how come you didn’t do World 8 Demo you didn’t do it 2 years?

  4. SKJmin in 3-A in Version 3.0 was hard because I couldn’t beat Fire Flower Challenge because of the lava to throw fireballs?

  5. This is fantastic, but I can’t figure out how to get to the third switch in 1-4. I got the one all the way to the left (jump off the wall and off the pipe) and the one at the top right (climb up the vine), but I can’t locate the third. I’ve tried everything I can think of to walljump off the narrow green pipe and enter the yellow pipe and haven’t succeeded, so if that’s not it, I haven’t a clue.

  6. SKJmin I don’t know how to write on the 3 boxes in apply patch can you tell me what to write on the 3 boxes that way I could open the 3.0a

  7. Where’s the first star coin in 2-3 in 3.0?

  8. I found the second star coin in 2-A in 3.0 but I couldn’t get it because there is a brick blocks blocking it?

  9. Where’s the last star coin in 2-4 in 3.0?

  10. I found version 1.0 for download!!!

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