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  1. Help!
    I tried it so Magny Times but I Could not find any Star coin in World 5-B in Version 3.0a !
    Thanks a lot for Help ! ❓

  2. Thanks for the link !
    I did everything like in the Video ! But its still the same – not One Star coin in World 5-B in Version 3.0a !
    Or is that right ?
    In World 5-C – where is the First Star coin ?

  3. first of all let me say that I loved the remake and I admire them for that .. on the other hand a question … sorry believes that it can make a remake of super mario bros 2?

  4. About a year ago I saw your first mods, now I removed the dust from my NDS and you already have a trailer for another version. A big THANK YOU!

  5. When Wii your new version(v4.0) come out?

  6. MattTheMarioMan

    Hello SKJmin. Very fun hack πŸ™‚ Could you please walk me through how to complete the world 6-tower as of v 3.0a? I have been stuck on it awhile and would love some guidance. And thank you on behalf of the players for making this hack. It must have taken SOOOO much work for all the extra coding and tilesets.

  7. Where Can I get nsmb3?

  8. Bonjours, y a il quelque part des vidΓ©o avec les emplacements des piΓ¨ces Γ©toile ? Pour New super mario bros version 2,5 ou pour la version 2010? Merci d’avance avance.

  9. Are you changing the secret exit of 7-5 because it is too hard? Or does it remain a challenge? Will star Coin 2 of 8-2 be in a less difficult bonusroom or will it remain hard? Good thing you changed 6-A!

  10. Why do you call it a “hack”? That’s like saying Apple is a group of cyber-terrorists for making the iPhone

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