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  1. supermariofanatic

    hey first thanks for making this hack
    second im having trouble appying a patch for the game to put on my sd card to play on the 3ds
    can you make a video on how to do this because im very confused thanx

    • The problem is that I cannot show it to you since it gets illegal then…
      I have added a READ ME – everything is written very perfect 🙂
      Please follow this and it should work!

      You can alternately find tutorial videos on Youtube and GBAtemp 🙂

  2. supermariofanatic

    is it possible to download on the sd card alone to put in the 3ds without using flashcards? if so can you help me apply the patch

  3. supermariofanatic

    Oh and i almost forgot at the end of the game it says you can unlock world 9 and wario is that true?

  4. supermariofanatic

    hey do you you know about Dem0ntap’s DSI hack 10.1.11 is it real or fake

  5. Hi,
    I like the Game very much – but I so have some Problems with the Version 3.0a
    1) Where ist the Secret Exit in World 3-2
    2) how can I reach the Second Starcoin in World 3-3, I can see it under the Item Box – there is a mini Mario Tube but where is the entrance
    Thanks a Lot !!

  6. Can you tell me how to download your game? I really want to play it! 🙁

  7. Hi-
    Thanks vor your tip in World 3-B Version 3 – but I tried all Palms in the room with the rotationg Blocks – but I Could not climb any Palm up !
    Help 💡
    Thanks !

  8. I downloaded the file for the game but when I try to open the file it says you need to download something else to open it. But when I downloaded that it wouldn’t open. What do I do?

  9. Woow!
    Thats Realy difficult!
    Thanks! 😀

  10. hello,

    what is the right order with the green tubes in world 2-A?? i am running in an endless loop 🙁

    version 3.0

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