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  1. Where is Star Coin 2 of 6-1 in version 1.0??? I cannot find it anywhere. Does it have something to do with the P switch at the beginning of the level?

  2. Where is Star Coin 2 in world 6-3 in version 1.0? I cannot find it.

  3. Where is Star Coin 3 in world 6-A in version 1.0?

  4. SKJmin I don’t know why some star coins in 3.0 are to hard to get I’m mean you didn’t put the walkthrough videos back then?

  5. Time for a new update? 🙂

  6. I are going to change 8-7 3.0 because that level wasn’t in Original SMB3 it was a remake?

  7. Why did you removed the Super Metroid in 1-A ❓

  8. ❓ Hey, in NSMB3 v4.0, are you going to modify the look of the world maps, or will they stay the same? ❓

  9. There are going to be 40 trailers ❓

  10. Hi I had 2 cool ideas for version 4.

    1. Use the SMB 3 underwater theme in the water levels.

    2. In a few levels include the SMB 2 underground theme.

    I picked the Underwater theme as it is accurate to SMB 3.

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