Beta Testers

You want be a part of this game?
You have the chance to beta test my new created levels (before everyone else^^)
Available beta-slots: 15

How to join?
-1 Register on this website (100.0% free and no ads!!)
-2 Write an appication (write a comment here)

Write this in your application this:
– Why you? (that’s all!! The more you write the better for me to choose you…)
– when registering, use a VALID email adress, because I will reply to your registered email!!
– write in english or german only (no problem if it’s broken english)

Written comments are only seeable by me and will NEVER be approved/showed in public 🙂
Please wait for a reply from me (e-mail) – probably around Mid-August 2018!!

  1. Sample text by SKJmin

    Remember!! Once you write a comment here and click on “SUBMIT”, nobody else can see your comment (except me, SKJmin!!)

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