[NSMB3][Trailer #34] 100% WORLD 2 GAMEPLAY [EASY MODE]

Contest [Round 1][ENDED NOW!!]

I uploaded a video! A CONTEST-video! [REWARD: NSMB3.0 v4.0 Rev 0.25]
This contest is a 3-parter! Part 1 online already!! (8 Questions)

Please write down your answers as a comment!
Comments won’t be approved, so others won’t see your answer 🙂

Use this template please:
Q1: Your Answer
Q2: Your Answer
Q3: Your Answer
Q4: Your Answer
Q5: Your Answer
Q6: Your Answer
Q7: Your Answer
Q8: Your Answer

Contest (Round 1) ends on 15th March 2018]
Good luck!!

PS: Once the contest is over, I will send you an email with your points!
(to the email what you’ve used to register on this blog)

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